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The Militant Country of Iurisdictio [entries|friends|calendar]

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Leaving. [18 Oct 2004|03:32pm]
This place is dead. Sorry it didn't work out. :(
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Sorry to be so rude... [09 May 2004|02:53pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Who is staying and who is leaving(I already know someone is leaving)? I don't wanna be rude, but I been waiting for people to rp for a while, and I know this wasn't supposed to be like a fast-paced one, but I was wondering what's going on since I been waiting for replys a long time. Sorry if this is rude, but I would just like it if it moved just a little bit faster. Sorry to be rude and all but, I just wish it would go along a bit faster, because I enjoy rping in this thread, and would hope to continue on with this.

Ja ne,

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[08 May 2004|11:23am]

Not like this needs to be stated...but out of courtesy...I'm out.

Do what you please with my characters.

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A little bit of plot. [08 Mar 2004|08:27pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

OOC: Heya guys. I know the RP is slowing down, but that's all right. I wasn't expecting this to keep high pace. BUT, I need you guys to RP. So there's this new thread that's being opened that everyone should RP in. No one should be left out, because it is the first battle of...SIN v. VERITAS! DUN DUN DUN! It starts with the Kael entry where everyone is walking out of the briefing room. People should then occupy themselves with little minute occurences, then suddenly, SIN STRIKES! Whoo. Yeah. There will be a direct attack on the base due to mobile Hawks. As everyone scrambles for positions, the pilots are called for emergency troops and they enter the Beasts for the first time. So now we RP the complications due to this, etc. Sin eventually retreats, and everyone resumes back to normal. I'm hoping everyone can partcipate and interact in this thread =D!

So yeah! Post! Prease?!

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Bah..I put this in my journal >_ [07 Feb 2004|11:16pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

OOC: kakyuu_hime has dropped out of the RP. Her position of Beast Pilot 05 with the element Earth is open. Anybody who would like to have the job, comment here. If you already have two characters, one will have to switch jobs. I'll try and judge who's switchover would be the smoothest. Comment with which character you would like to switch and his/her currect occupation.

If I tell you you're it, please RP in the briefing room thread AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We can't brief without all five pilots there.


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Hi hi. [01 Feb 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | sick ]

OOC:Ahhh..hmm. Uh, hi. I was thinking that the Beast pilots should wear specific suits for them besides regular clothes. Anybody else like the idea? If not, cool, cool, I just want to know your opinions.

And if you have any questions on where this RP is going or the story or whatever, comment here!

See, I basically see it as all the pilots gather. Yay. Lots of training and tests on their bodies to get them ready to pilot. Then during test runs lots of stuff happens (I plan to make my pilot not be able to connect to the Rage Drive because she's emotionless and it relies on emotions). Stuff like that.

Terrorist government smuggle nukes, other weapons, that kind of crap, so lots of the other pilots and etc. will go counter that.

Sin is planning the apocalyptic battle that'll make them rule the world. By creating the Dragons (the fake knock-off beasts), they'll counter the Beasts and stuff.

Sorry I'm so inarticulate. I have a cold and bogged down with homework, so I am all @_@;; woozy.

Oh yeah. I should come up with some stats on the machines we use. If anybody wants to help with that, they're more than welcome!

I think I'll end up building a site for this thing, so all the information on the profile page won't make it so incredibly long.

Hope everyone's doing well.

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The Crazy Man Sleeps Again!; Kael Garin [29 Jan 2004|10:45pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Repositioning himself on his bed, he laid sideways towards the glowing reception of the TV. Placing a grape sucker into his mouth, he began to gnaw at it methodically as one of his numerous porn tapes started. He wasn't exactly feeling in the mood, but he wanted to watch something out of pure boredom, and this was basically he had all in his collection, besides a few action movies and the hidden Disney cartoons. The massively huge breasted woman did some cheesy line in her "role" of the nurse, pressing her breasts against the white guy's face. Kael turned his sucker over in his mouth, calculating the point of which the real sexual intercourse would start. He had seen this video probably twenty times or more times; it had been his favorite, until The Bad Little Amazons came out. He couldn't help but get excited at the thought of hundreds of beautiful, well-toned women on an island alone, with no man. And wouldn't it be great if he was the only one there? He grinned stupidly at the thought, his sucker beginning to fall out of his mouth, but he caught it in the nick of time.

Speaking of time, the man and the lady in the porn had their clothes off in the doctor's office. The nurse had thrown the man onto the inspection table, mounting him. With her huge collagen-injected lips, she said in her fake sex voice "I'm going to give you 100 cc's of pure pleasure!", and similtaneously Kael said her exact words in a mockingly high-pitched voice. However, once they started going at it, with her moans filling the sound waves, he felt his libido rise. They started to go faster, and soon Kael forgot about the sucker in his mouth and let it drop down to the bed. He imagined that the man was him, and he suddenly felt the urge to..

"KAEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL!!" A spunky man about Kael's age with black hair and blue eyes burst through his room. Kael stumbled for the remote, turning off the porno as quickly as possible, grabbed the nearest blunt object, and threw it at the man. He quickly dodged it, and then laughed. "Watching porn again, aren't we?"

"Why don't you ever leave me alone, Rikard?!" Kael yelled at him accusingly.

"Why don't you ever lock the door?" He yelled back, then threw a magazine at Kael's face. He let it hit him, then stood up walking over to Sgt. Rikard.

"Well, that's true. At any rate, you sure killed the mood. What do you want?"

"Thought I might tell you that some of the 'special pilots' are here. So far two girls and one guy. One girl seems not to know what she's doing, but is fairly pretty and nice. The other girl is a stern as a German but beautifully silent, and the guy seems pretty cool."

"Hey, I resent that German remark. We know how to have fun!"

"But not without liqour."

"Not true! Now if you said without liquor AND women, well, hell, I don't know if the world would be fun!"

He brushed the long, choppy bangs of his dirty blonde hair behind his ear, with a sly grin stretching across his face. Grabbing onto his military's Class B uniform, he slid on his shirt over his grey tank, buttoned it up, tucked it into his heavy duty cargo pants, and headed out the door with Rikard. Walking down the hallway, he greeted everyone he saw, the guys with a friendly "Hey" or "What's up" and maybe a fist bump or high five, but for the ladies, he threw in a suave "Hello there" and did the notion of a finger gun pointing. Not that he was shooting them or anything, but he considered himself the Cowboy of the Hawks. Though he had been born in Russia to German parents, many of his years had been spent in Texas in the United States of America.

"So what are these specialized pilots for, Garin?" his subordinate asked a just question. Kael heaved a small sigh, his usual face of goofiness turning into a serious one.

"I'm not exactly sure. Being a Staff Sergeant doesn't really get me much leeway in information as to Veritas's newest projects, but I know that they've developed some really special mobile Hawks that only certain people can pilot. Why only certain people, I don't know. I think those are the sketches of the ideas, though."

"Are you excited about this?"

"In a way. We are the unit that will be working directly with them, supposedly, and since you said there were two girls, hopefully I can get some lovin'." He gave his cocky grin and winked at Rikard. The Sgt. just shook his head at him, laughing.

"Why can't you stop thinking about women?"

"Because I lost my mother before I remember when I was little and in an attempt to fill in her place I psycologically womanize to feel adequate?" Rikard stopped in his tracks, severly disturbed that his superior just confided very personal information to him, and what more, said it in a light-hearted manner.

"I'm sorry, sir."

"Nah, don't worry about it," Kael laughed and shrugged it off. Only he should worry about how life sucked to not have anyone to write home to. No girl, no mother, no father, no one. The base was his family, yet it seemed to fit him like a glove. It provided enough to him. "Hey, Rikard, I'm going to wait outside the briefing room to meet these pilots, but you go on ahead."

"All right. Later, Rikard."

Kael came upon the briefing room, realizing there were quite a bit of people in there. It wasn't really his place to go in and demand information, so he resolved on waiting outside. Resting his back against the opposite wall of the door, he pulled his right knee up and placed the sole of his boot against the wall. He pulled out a carton of cigarettes, tapping the bottom of the box to get one to fall out into his hand. Next he retrieved a lighter that was like a mini blowtorch from his pocket, opened it, and lit his cig. Taking a small drag of the nicotine, he looked up at the ceiling to start thinking. However, he saw a couple of signs: some with various directions to different rooms, one for the exit, and then one that said "No Smoking".

"Shit," he mumbled, placing his cigarette on the ground, he stomped it out, then gathered up the ashes and frantically looked for the trashcan, finding one at the end of the hallway. After he dumped that, he walked back to the door, returned to his previous position against the wall, and began to think. No, he didn't feel like thinking. Didn't feel like being serious. So he opened his mouth and began to sing softly to himself.

"Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut
Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt
Ich will eure Blicke spuren
Ich will jeden Herzschlag kontrollieren."

Then he paused before the next stanza, feeling like he was on the verge of tears.

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Just a quick note! [29 Jan 2004|10:35pm]

[ mood | drained ]

OOC: Hey guys. If you're RPing in the thread of the briefing room, once the briefing gets over, it's going to move to the next post I start with the guy waiting outside the room, just so that the threads don't get too long.

So yeah. Once that thread finishes, reply to the next one if you'd like, or create your own new one.

Oh yeah! If you are continuing the story of your character, especially them coming to the base, please keep it all in one thread, commenting to your previous post.


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Hitome enters! [29 Jan 2004|05:11pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Pouding off in the distance, each track getting noisier and noisier as it approached. Light danced through the window displaying speckles of color over the tattered sheets. The air was slightly stale, smelling of smoke and old food, perhaps from who rented it before. With a yawn, her eyelids flittered open, her eyelashes almost looking like a slight transparent red in the early morning light and her eyes seemed a bit brighter, almost red, from their usual dark coloring. The train clanked by, taking the noise along with it for the rest of the journy. She sighed, not wanting to be awoken. She had nothing on but underwear, as she couldn't afford to dirty anything else.

She glanced around the room and said to herself,"Wow, looks worse here in the morning than last night..."

She gazed upon the detail of the room for a bit, the smell stinging the inside of her nose and into her throat. The room was in horrible shape, with dirty brown carpeting that hadn't been washed in weeks, she figured, and tattered blinds that let the light in, as well as curtains that barely did anything as well for the sun seemed to just shine right through them. The windows themselves had bullet holes in them, from gun fights of gangs from the area. She groaned, looking around even more. There wasn't even a mirror, just a dirty peice of glass over on top of a cardboard looking cabnet to put articles of clothing in. Other than that, there was not a single thing on the floor obscuring the stains upon the carpet, nearly black. There was a small desk off to the left corner, near the closet. That was the only decent looking thing, for it was probably rarely used. It looked of oak wood, stained to perfection and almost looked out of place in the small crammed motel room. She placed her feet upon the floor, crawling her way to the bathroom almost, she had a massive hang-over.

The bathroom was probably just as bad, if not worse for a section of tiles on the wall weren't even in place, so you could see the concrete wall. She looked around, and saw a crappy sink with rings of mildew; the toilet and shower just as bad. She shrugged, as it was better than her normal living conditions. Back at her appartment, which she was recently kicked out of anyways, she was lucky when she had water. She took off her underwear and slid her slim body into the shower, cringing as the clear icy water streamed down on her. In a bit, the water turned into a luke-warm temperature, and she just kept it that way to lazy to change it to be warmer. She might use all of the hot water that way in a few minutes anyways, considering the upkeep of the place. When she was done, she quickly dried herself and changed, though her hair was still somewhat wet.

Hitome left the horrible building, her hair up in a bun because of it being wet. She grinned, knowing any passerby would consider her a male, dressed up in baggy green pants, tattered shoes, loose fitting shirt, and hoodie to top it off. She took a cd player out, and walked the street with the cd player hidden in the pouch of her hoodie and then the old head phones being hidden under the hood. She slouched, and walked, to the subway where she would get her ride to meet the person who had sent her the letter. She was curious, as to why she of all people had recieved such a notice. Shrugging, she continued to walk through the streets not getting harassed, even though if she looked male she would look like a rather scrawny one at that. She was underfed, and thus very underweight. She was barely 5'3, and her small build would make her pray to getting mugged. Though, she was a boy to all and no one should underestimate them, no, they shouldn't. She smiled, and walked along.

When she had finally left the station, right at the small coffee shop like he said, was the man that stood tall, almost menacing in the ebony coat. She shut off the music, and walked over to him, the batteries on their last leg as it was. She couldn't see the man's eyes, they were cloaked inside of a shadow as he stood there, almost looking past her. Oddly, he wore a bright red cloth on his arm, almost like it was bleeding there, completely out of place. Hitome grinned, knowing he was the one. She stopped in front of him.

"So, I suppse you're th' one who'sa gonna pick me up, eh?" she said, her words slightly slurred to a slang as she had noticed in the letter he spoke enlgish.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice was cold and chilling.

"Hitome," she replied.

"Musta got the wrong house," he said, as she started to walk away.

"Wait," she called, taking off her cap and letting her hair cling to her face, still wet from the shower as it was curled up in a bun all this time.

He turned around, and said,"Come with me..."

She shrugged, and loyally followed, though cautiously none-the-less. Finally, she might pull herself out of the life she led.

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Exposition Airlines [29 Jan 2004|12:39am]

To her surprise when she awoke, her neck wasn't sore. That was a luxury that came with riding a plane that belonged to a diplomat. Sitting up straight, she brushed a few stray strands of her hair away from her face and rubbed her eyes a little bit. Her vision was slightly blurry, having taken out her contacts before she decided to take that nap. Victor along with some other people he worked with, including his aide were down the aisle behind a drawn curtain, talking amongst themselves in hushed voices. She reached into her pocket for her black-framed glasses and placed them onto her face before removing the blanket from around her. She wanted to look presentable for these people for she would soon be working for them.

"Ah, Irina, please join us, we have much to discuss," Victor said when he saw her. He pointed towards an empty chair at the end of the long marble conference table they were gathered around. "Would you like a drink?"

She shook her head and Victor nodded. "Good then, we'll get started." Some people shuffled around and left the room and Victor did not commence until there were very few people present.

"I trust you read over the files I gave you?" He asked.

"Yes, quite some interesting reading material indeed."

"You accepted my proposal so I'm sure you understand the severity of this situation. I know you won't go into this with only half of what you can give us."

"I won't disappoint Mr. Maida, at least I'll try my best not to."

Victor shook his head and took a drink from his tall champagne glass. "It's not that, I have no worries about your abilities. What I'm worried about is that you will be under alot of pressure," he explained. "This is a very tasking job. It's not just a...business or an isolated project that affects very few people that you will be apart of. It will be the entire world."

"You know me sir and frankly I'm a little bit insulted that you would not give me more credit for how well I work under pressure."

Victor smirked. "I apologize. Just a little head's up is all," he took another drink. "You will be working as one of our technicians in our labs. I know you'll have fun doing research and experiments. Also, you will also be spending some time in the infirmary working with our head doctor, I'm sure you'll like her, quite an intelligent woman she is, I believe she may also be from England, although I'm not quite sure." He stood up from his chair and poured himself another drink. "We have a very special projecting going on at Veritas. One, I'm sure you'll be most interested in researching and getting your hands upon."

Irina looked at him curiously. "What is it, if I may ask?"

"I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise now, would I? I've got to keep you as interested as I can," he looked over at a screen hanging on the wall to check how much longer the flight would take. "We'll be there shortly. You may want to consider getting some more sleep. I do plan on putting you to work as soon as we get there."
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New Character for Me [28 Jan 2004|11:53pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Name: Alison
Character's Name: Kael Garin
D.O.B. 02-12-2069
Age: 23
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205.3 lbs
Eye-Color: Hazel Grey
Hair-Color: Sandy Blonde
Country: Germany/Russia
Job: Mobile Hawk Pilot and Sniper Team
Station:Main Iurisdictio base, warship Libertias
Special Skills:Including but not limited to: Standard Field/Base Weaponry, Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, Stealth Action, Zero Gravity training, Street fighting, Hapkido, Gun Assembly, Jet-Piloting, Endurance, Raw Strength, and all courses pertaining mobile hawks
Hobbies: Playing rugby, flirting with the ladies, eating, karaoke, playing electric guitar, and porn

I know it'll be weird with me RPing this guy but bear with me. We need more and I wanted someone to be comedic relief XD;;...

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Hoo-ah [28 Jan 2004|09:41pm]

[ mood | happy ]

OOC: Hello, everyone. Your maintainer here doing her maintainer things. I'd just like to thank everyone that's joined and already started RPing. I'm so surprised at the turn-out and the amount of involvement so far! I mean, we're only 4 days old and we have people posting at least once a day! I love you guys :)

Anywho, the real reason here is that I'm drawing the preliminary sketches for Beasts. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment with them <3! Since I'm not that great at coming up with original mechas, it's kinda going to be like a cross between Evangelion/Gundam/RahXephon to give you an idea of what they look like. Also, if you ARE a Beast Pilot, then you can comment here and tell me any special modifications you'd like on yours to make it unique. Each one is going to look different, so if you have any ideas for yours, cool.

Oh, and I'm going to be drawing my character as well, I think. So if anyone wants me to draw their character, I'll try to do you justice. Though I can't exactly color it well on the computer.

However, if you ask for a drawing, I'll do it, just might not be promptly. I do have school and drawings take a long time *Winks* But that doesn't mean it'll never get done!

Hope everyone is enjoying their RP!

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[28 Jan 2004|03:05pm]
Patient still in deep coma. Went into severe epileptic attack at 4:50 am. Assistant Shaun Delacuesta subdued his episode with a 40cc injection. Returned to coma within 3 minutes.


Dr. Hartke-Winfield looked up from her report and at her door, which was shut tight.


She raised an eyebrow and put down her pen.


Getting up from her seat, she walked around her desk and looked through the tiny window on her door. What the hell. Another attack. She grabbed a syringe from one of her desk drawers and opened her door.

She readied the injection while walking over to the patient, who was convulsing uncontrollably. She set the syringe down on the table beside his bed and grabbed his arm. It was very hard to keep his arm still as he kept flailing his other arm.

WHOOSH. His left arm reached over on her side and hit the railing, nearly missing her shoulder.

"You patients are so bloody difficult," she said to herself. She heard her annoyed voice echo through the infirmary.

WHOOSH. He did it again, this time almost hitting her chest.

"Keep still. I'm trying to help you." She managed to pull his right arm through the railing on his bed and keep it still. Using her other hand, she grabbed the syringe and shoved the pointed tip into his arm, injecting him with the solution. After a few minutes the patient stopped flailing. The creaking lessened.


"Phew." She breathed heavily and removed the syringe from his arm, finally tossing it in the trash. "You're a burden," she said to his motionless body.

She walked back into her office and into the bathroom located in the back. She looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands.

"Good heavens." She took a paper towel and wiped a spot of blood from her cheek.

Just then, she heard another sound coming from the infirmary. My work never ends. "Who the hell is making that racket in here?!" She stormed out of the bathroom and back into the main infirmary.
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[28 Jan 2004|09:27am]

[ mood | awake ]

Character's Name: Karyella Pollard
Weight:127 lbs
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Country: U.S. of A.
Job: Nurse/doctor's aid/assistant
Station: Iurisdictio hospital/medical center
Special Skills: medical knowledge, firearms usage knowledge, short distance speed, self defense..
Hobbies: sketching/drawing, painting, reading, writing, ballet, singing, board games esp. Monopoly..
Personality: Optimistic and at times spasmodic due to lack of sleep from her work, takes things in stride and procrastinates but carries much guilt from doing so
History: Karyella was born in a middle class family in Utah, always wanted to pursue a career in medical field, parents both worked in architecture and passed away during a SIN suicide attack, parents' death became her impetus for working against SIN forces.

Character's Name: Amelia Milton
Age: 17
Weight:125 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Country: U.S. of A.
Job: mobile hawk pilot
Station: Iurisdictio/main base
Special Skills: hand to hand combat, short distance speed, fencing..
Hobbies: run/jogging, reading, writing, painting, Tetris
Personality: carefree, fun-loving, detests teenage romance movies/books and happily ever after endings, very serious when it comes to working though.
History: born in the south in a small town with very loving parents, grew up with a southern accent and a hound dog named Boobers, determined to leave small town and pursue something bigger and eventually did.

OOC: OMAGAGAs, I hope I did that right. =X

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[27 Jan 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | weird ]

[Name] Lauren

[Character's Name] Darcy Hartke-Winfield
[Date of Birth] 10-13-2066
[Age] 26
[Height] 5'9"
[Weight] 137 lbs.
[Eye Color] Cedar green.
[Hair Color] Black as night. Cut short.
[Country] America
[Job] Head Doctor/Surgeon
[Station] Main Base, Medical Research Facility, mostly in Infirmary
[Special Skills] Intense medical knowledge, ability to work under pressure. Slight experience with firearms.
[Hobbies] Drawing, reading, chess. Too damn busy to have hobbies. ;)

[Personality] Always in a rush, which causes her to snappy quite a bit. Strives to do her best in caring for her patients. Tries to be nice to others but has no time. Shies away from the hustle and bustle around her on her free time. Slightly anti-social. Her parents' sudden death affected her deeply. She is somewhat anti-war, but believes that helping Veritas and working at Iurisdictio will help the fight go more smoothly. Knows her place in life. Avoids confrontation.

[Brief History] Born in Wales, but moved to America when she was six. Parents' history and death is unknown. Studied pre-med at an expensive American university, then became one of the last people to major in physics and biology (and finally graduate) before joining Veritas.

This was typed up during Spanish homework. Might be a little rushed; I'm not sure. Tell me if I'm missing anything.

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This is the game [27 Jan 2004|01:57pm]

She looked at her watch, 12:00, she had better get going. It was rude to keep people waiting. Her eyes wandered around her apartment, it was a small but luxurious place, comfortable enough for her since she lived alone. It was tidy but not to the point of extreme organization, a few knick-knacks decorated the furniture. This was the way she liked it, a place that made her feel like she actually lived in it.

She tied her long dark hair up and away from her face as she went into her room to pick out a blazer from her closet. Dark blue, it matched nicely with her ivory sleeveless top. Taking down a painting from over her bed she set it down carefully. Green numbers sat agains the wall flatly. She punched in the security code and a panel of the wall swung open revealing her gun. She hated the fact she owned one, but in the world she was living in now, it was a necessity. It made a nice clipping sound as she attached it to her belt. She was careful to make sure her blazer concealed it.

London had changed, she saw it transform from a beautiful safe and buzzing city to one where most parts of it lived in fear and paranoia. People didn't like to talk about the transformation, they didn't like to talk about what a sad state the world was in, and little people felt there was much in their power to change it.

She walked through the streets quietly, the only sound were the occassional car speeding by and the clicking of her boots against the pavement. But her instincts told her she was not alone, somebody had been trailing her. She kept walking, knowing that it would not be wise to let her pursuer know she detected him. With one swift action, she reached for her gun at her belt and spun around, aiming it at her stalker only to come face to face with the barrell of a gun herself.

"Not bad. Now I'm reminded of why we need you." The man held a face she did not recognize, but she could place the voice instantly.

"Stalking is illegal, you should know that." She answered as she put her gun back into its place.

The man looked to be in his 60s with a bushy brown moustache with hints of grey in it. He replaced his own gun and turned around. "Come on, Irina, we've got lots to talk about."

The man led her to a limo waiting for them down the street and he allowed her to enter before him. Once inside, the limo pulled away from the curb and the man offered her a drink which she kindly refused. The man pulled off his mask to reveal his true face, a man in his mid-40s with a clean shaven face but a head full of gray. He wiped his face a bit before greeting Irina with a polite nod.

"Your instincts never fail you do they?" He smiled.

"I learned from the best."

He gave her an identification card with her picture and bar code on it. "Joanna Krall. If anybody asks you're a reporter from the London News doing a story on me."

The car pulled up to a restaurant and his chauffeur opened the door for them. They stepped into the restaurant of the Ritz Hotel where a man at the door asked for their identification. The man's personal assistant produced the proper identification for the American diplomat and Irina gave him the false one. The man scanned each on his personal computer and handed them back once he approved of them. They were brought to a private parlour in the back of the restaurant, guarded carefully by his security guards.

"You're probably wondering why all of a sudden I've arranged a face to face meeting." He replied after they had ordered their lunch.

"Truth be told the manner in which we're meeting is should be more suspicious to me than the purpose, but knowing you the paranoia and extra cautionary measures comes to no surprise." She replied, taking a sip of her coffee.

You're well aware, that as a diplomat, the few people in this world that wishes for the freedom and safety that we once had are giving us increasing pressure to solve the problem our current world is in."

"Either you're planning on retiring due to the pressure or you've got something turning in that head of yours. The former of which would be extremely uncharacteristic of the great Victor Maida." she answered.

"You know me too well, Irina." From inside his pocket he produced a blue transluscent chip and placed it on a napkin, pushing it towards her.

"It's everything you'll need to know."

Irina picked it up and placed it into her pocket cautiously.

"It was a project your father was most enthused about," He said. "When you are finished you must destroy all the information on it. We can't risk it leaking out."

Once Irina got home, she placed her gun back into the panel in the wall and placed the chip inside of her computer. Information about the Veritas project off of the island Iurisdictio ran across the screen as she digested every single morsel of information.

"...your skills in technology and research as well as medicine would be greatly valuable to us. If you are interested, I expect to see you fully packed at the Litchfield Airbase at 6 o'clock in the morning on Saturday. It should give you enough time to take care of all you need to."

Irina stared at the screen of her computer for a moment, the wheels turning in her head. Her life was comfortable here, if she takes this job she would be expected to pick up and start a new life miles away from home.

With a few clicks, the information vanished from the screen and the chip had been cleared of its entirety. She shut off her computer and paced over to the balcony, staring outside the window at the world around her.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped back into her apartment ready to start packing.
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Brink of Death; Devan Caelan [27 Jan 2004|10:19am]

Bound to a table and going insane. That's just the way everyone wants to die, isn't it? Well, that was not how Devan was going to die. She wasn't going to let it. She wasn't going to let this.. this CHIP in her brain ruin her chances at succeeding at something. The chip alone was menacing, but while she struggled on the table there were also other voices around her to drive her mad. She didn't know what they were saying, the pain was too great. Like a great big migrane.

"Doctor, we seem to be having problems with 02! The chip's signals aren't cooperating with her brain waves." cried a nurse. She held a hand on Devan's chest and pushed her back down onto the table as she jerked up.

"I thought they fixed this problem with their last test pilot. Damned scientists." the Doctor grumbled his reply while putting on his gloves, "I need a 30cc morphine drip!"

"Doctor, we'll never get the IV in with her mov--"

Screams cut off the nurse's reply. Devan was moving in ways kin to seizures. Lacking the ability to hold her own head she slammed it down on the table several times. Her hands scratched and clawed at the nothingness before them. Her body jerked and twitched with a mind of it's own. She was losing herself, she could no longer find that "light" that had kept her aware of the present tangent world around her.

"We'll have to operate. Get me the anethesiologist."

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okay so I'm half awake [27 Jan 2004|12:31am]

I hope this is alright? If it's not I'll make changes...lah lah

[Name] Jasper

[Character's Name] Irina Kincaid [nee Fairchild]
[Date of Birth] 12-21-2069
[Age] 23
[Height] 5'5"
[Weight] 125lbs.
[Eye Color] Hazel, wears coloured contacts from time to time though
[Hair Color] Blue-black
[Country] Great Britain
[Job] Works mostly in the Infirmary but also does technological/weapon's research [I can't really explain it. I kind of want her to be like Fred from Angel except not as dorky? XD]
[Station] Main base, infirmary and the weapon's/computer lab
[Special Skills] Knowledge in healing, had weapons and self-defense training, very skilled hacker, very intuitive and analytical
[Hobbies] Writing, chess, practicing ancient sword art, reading, playing piano

[Personality] Very analytical and sometimes overly critical of everything around her. She's a critical thinker and intuitive although she rarely states what she feels or thinks, only around people she knows really well or when talking about an issue she feels passionately about will she stand up for what she believes in. Doesn't really like violence and sees it as something necessary only for self-defense.

[Brief History] Irina Fairchild is the daughter of a Russian journalist and a British diplomat. She was born in London and travelled often with her family due to her father's job. She has been home schooled all of her life by the top scholars and developed a keen interest in computers and technology at an early age. During a visit to the United States when she was 5, her parents were assassinated by members of Sin. For her protection, her death was faked and she changed her last name to Kincaid and was adopted by an average, suburban family in London. She was told what happened in her life and received basic self-defense and weapons training in case one day she might require it. She worked as a teacher for 2 years before being asked to go to Iurisdictio to join Veritas.

[Character's Name] Victor Maida
[Date of Birth] 06-15-2047
[Age] 45
[Height] 5'11"
[Weight] 167lbs.
[Eye Color] green
[Hair Color] gray [used to be brown]
[Country] America
[Job] Diplomat, part of the Veritas council
[Station] Veritas Base on Occassion, Congress in America mostly
[Special Skills] Elusive, very charming and charismatic and persuasive, extremely knowledgeable in terms of weapons
[Hobbies] Reading, golf, chess, airplanes

[Personality] An extremely knoledgeable scholar, a wise man that many people turn to when difficult decisions must be made. Sometimes has a way of making people feel inferior although he never does it intentionally

[Brief History] Born in America to a middle-class family. He lived his life constantly having problems with authority due to his father running out on his family at a young age. Spent some time in military school before developing an interest in politics. His persuasive skills was one of many many factors that helped convince people of higher power in the US and the UN to help fund Veritas
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Hello there.. [26 Jan 2004|09:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Name: Diego
Character's Name: Sendoa Delgado
Weight:130 lbs
Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Color: Black
Country: Peru
Job: Beast 03 Pilot
Station: Libertias
Special Skills: Agile, skillful with handguns, basic self-defense, intelligence, optimistic, analytical, computers, gaming (whenever he has the time), ability to play the piano.

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[26 Jan 2004|10:26pm]

Special Skills = Hard for Me. So anything not there is in my brain.

[Name] Pamela

[Character's Name] Devan Caelan
[Date of Birth] 25-07-2071
[Age] 21
[Height] 5'6"
[Weight] 124lbs
[Eye Color] Light, mediterranean seawater green.
[Hair Color] Chestnut brown.
[Country] Ireland
[Job] Sin "Beast" Pilot 02
[Station] Sin Testing Facilities, Devonshire, England.
[Special Skills] Hand-to-Hand Combat. Strategy.
[Hobbies] Risk, Sparring, Pub-Hopping, Chess, Checkers, All-Strategic dependent games, Politics.

[Personality] Out-going and fun-loving. Enjoys risks and is not afraid of a dare or challenge. Tends to get out of hand, especially while pub-hopping.

[Brief History] Grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Father, Scottish, Bartender. Mother, Irish, Restaurant Owner. Never quite close to parents due to job hours, however, still very much in debt to them for their splendid upraising. Joined Sin to earn money for parents so that they may retire and spend time with younger siblings.

[Character's Name] Ancelin Calais
[Date of Birth] 01-10-2059
[Age] 32
[Height] 5'11"
[Weight] 145lbs.
[Eye Color] Blue-Grey, latter dominant.
[Hair Color] Blonde.
[Country] France
[Job] Scientist, Weaponry Research
[Station] Main Iurisdictio Base, Weapons Research Facilities
[Special Skills] Sculpture/Chiseling Technique, good for designing customized weapons. Arsonous and Generalized Weapon knowledge. Cooking!
[Hobbies] Chess, Crossword Puzzles, Reading, Tangent Arts, Building prototype bombs and arsonous weapon research, Cooking, Dawdling, Idling.

[Personality] Normally reserved, however can become heated when receiving criticism (only intense criticism). Tends to rely heavily on factual evidence and is skeptical of theories.

[Brief History] Born in the Provence Region of France, outside of Avignon. Grew up in South Africa. Both parents French doctors. Heavily interested in historical and on-going civil warfare in neighboring country. Especially interested in seemingly ancient weapons being used by tribal people and advanced weaponry used by militias and guerilla soldiers. Attended best schools of technology, though more-so on parent's money than on her own. Graduated and immediately applied to Iurisdictio due to increasingly disgusted feelings towards Sin operatives.
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